What can you do to prevent or
control high blood pressure?
1. Quit smoking and/or
chewing tobacco.

Ask your provider for help
with quitting.

2. Achieve and maintain a healthy weight.
If you are overweight, ask your provider
for help with a plan to lose weight.

3. Be physically active.

  • "Physical activity” includes any activity

that raises your heart rate, such as brisk
walking, working in the house or yard,
or playing sports.

  • Do activity for 10 minutes or more at

a time. Aim for at least 2 hours and
30 minutes of activity each week.

4. Reduce salt (sodium) in your diet.

  • Read food labels. Choose and prepare

foods that are low in sodium or are

  • Ask to see a registered dietitian if you

need help with a plan.

5. Limit alcohol.

  • Men should have no more than

2 drinks per day.

  • Women should have no more than

1 drink per day.

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