Miriam J. Burnett, M.D., MPH, MDiv


Rev. Dr. Burnett is a practicing Doctor of Internal Medicine and an Itinerant Elder in the African Methodist Church where she serves as Medical Director of the Connectional Health Commission. Her passion is reflected in her call on faith-based organizations to join together against the onslaught of diseases that adversely affect persons of color, in particular African Americans.  

Rev. Dr. Burnett is a strong advocate of ‘holistic health,’ a concept that embodies physical, psychological and spiritual health, and powerfully explained in her speeches. For her work across the church, the justice system, and the education of new theologians, Rev. Dr. Burnett embodies the rallying cry for a comprehensive approach to healing that encourages dialogue as it seeks resources, de-stigmatizes as it supports, educates as it medicates. 


Rev. Dr. Burnett is also chair of the National Council of Churches USA Justice and Advocacy Commission and member of its health taskforce.

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Jocelyn Y. Reynolds, Program Manager

Jocelyn Reynolds is the owner of  jRy Consulting, Inc. , a Small Business and Personal Management Company. She is also an Infrastructure Project Manager with over ten years of experience in areas such as LAN/WAN,IVAD, VOIP, and Data Depersonalization.  

Her passions are bringing about organization and structure where needed within small businesses or personal arenas. Jocelyn is also a strong advocate for young adults and engages them in communication and personal enhancement in both her local church and that of the community.